We will provide a tailored full end to end digital solution to Covid rapid testing. Our process takes care of every detail in a few simple steps, giving you confidence and the reassurance you need.

We see our solution as more than just a rapid Covid test, our unique software allows you to tailor and monitor almost any type of user data. Giving you access to a clear end-to-end digital health card.

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  • Instant results in under 15 minutes
  • Full accredited testers
  • CE marked rapid antigen test that is 99% accurate and trialed extensively in the UK and across Europe
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Full digital process BESPOKE SOFTWARE for your staff and participants

  • Easy to use app for employees
  • Individuals are able to prove their real-time covid status when & where required
  • linked through NHS/Scottish Government Track & Trace
  • Gives employers real time covid status of all staff/employees
  • Instantly alerts your business to any Covid breaches
  • Simple re-ordering of required equipment
covid decontamination services


  • Pre sterile clean ATP testing
  • Full touch point wipe down
  • Electrostatic spray applied
  • Final wipe down
  • Post clean ATP testing
  • Solutions used in this process provide log 6 reduction against Coronavirus


  • We can provide mobile Covid testing pods set up at your place of choice.
  • Purpose built, state of the art, self sterilising covid testing/decontamination stations
PPE Personal Protective Equipment

PPE Personal Protective Equipment

  • We will provide the correct, certified, ppe products & equipment
  • Allowing day to day running of business.